About us

We are a Swiss-based IT company specialized in application development. The CEO Johann Huguenin is passionate about computer programming, aviation and aerobatics. He created Air Navigation Pro in 2008 for his own use, but what started as a hobby became a powerful application used now by hundred thousands of pilots around the world. He surrounded himself with a dedicated team of passionate pilots and developers that work hard every day to keep improving the app and adding more and more features. By now, Air Navigation Pro has a worldwide coverage offering a complete and updated aeronautical database along with our own developed intelligent SmartChart technology for all the world, as well as a wide choice of VFR charts, topographic maps and much more for the majority of the countries. To this date, more than 350.000 pilots use our app around the world. For several years now, our company maintains a partnership with Airbus, the world’s leading aviation company. An application has been specially developed for them and was integrated into their helicopters. Also, recently, after working on it for months, we finally launched the new weather feature for Air Navigation Pro in collaboration with meteoblue. And it won’t end there! Keep tuned for more great to come on our social media.

Core Values



We think technology thrives on innovation. We truly believe that we can help improve the world we live in. We embrace change and adapt our product to the needs of the moment.



We love what we do. We don't want to be an IT company among others. Aviation is our passion. We specialize in the aeronautical field because we are good at it and like every second spent on it. We are a proud, highly motivated team.



We are all about building strong, long-lasting relationships with our users and partners. We care and think about them. We have always in mind to make solutions for our clients as intuitive as possible. Our performance is worthy of trust.


Integrity & Respect

We mean what we say. We match our actions to our words and we always take responsibility for them. Our content is authentic and comes from the heart. We are fair, empathic and treat everyone with respect and dignity. We listen and are always open to talk.


Social Responsibility

We are committed to providing a service to the community. Our work helps pilots all over the world in their duties like firefighting, mountain rescue, air ambulance, etc. We also support flight schools and instructors on their job handing over their knowledge to the next generations.



We don’t expect anyone to be perfect. We embrace diversity and celebrate collaborative work. Each team member contributes with their unique strengths complementing each together to achieve results that exceed everyone’s limitations. We know that the potential of a team is greater than the sum of the parts.